The DNS records for each domain are stored in its active DNS zone. The active DNS zone is where the name servers of the domain are pointed. The DNS records of domains with active DNS zone here can be managed from Your cpanelDNS Zone Editor. The most commonly used DNS record types are:

  • A — specifies IP addresses corresponding to your domain and its subdomains.
  • MX — specifies where the emails for your domain should be delivered.
  • CNAME — specifies redirects from your domain’s subdomains to other domains/subdomains.
  • TXT — used to store text-based information related to your domain. Most commonly used for storing SPF data.
  • SPF — a mail validation protocol used to prevent email spoofing.
  • AAAA — it maps a domain name to the IP address (IPv6) of the computer hosting the domain.
  • SRV — stands for Service Record and it specifies on only an IP but also a port.

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