So you are a web developer and your probably developing a website or a web service for a client in Rwanda who at the end of the project wants a .rw domain extension on their site this could be .rw,,, etc

The above extensions are what is know as ccTLD ( Country Code Top Level Domain ), Each country has them and in Rwanda, to specific, this is handled by RICTA (Rwanda Information Communication and Technology Association ) they are the ones who monitor and issue all .rw extensions in the country.

But one thing you should know as a developer RICTA does not issue the domains directly but through registrars such as hostnasi who are responsible for registering these domains on behalf of RICTA at a rate of their choosing.

To get your .rw domain you can look for a registrar of your choice for the case of speed and get to the point we will point out how we at Hostnasi can help you solve your problem.

When you visit Hostnasi you will find a long search box here you need to write down a domain name of your choice with the extension you need ( or etc) you will get a result from the platform saying if the domain name you are searching for is available or note.

Here is what you need to know about .rw extensions

Represents companies in Rwanda, So if you have a company the best extension will be .

Represents organizations ( charity, non-governmental) sites in Rwanda, So if you have such an institution it falls under this category.

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